Liber8 is a development company based in South Africa.
Liber8 has dedicated hours of development time building the industry leading transformation tools, one of which is BEE Manager
Cost Effective All of our products are geared at reducing costs and saving you money so that you can work on your business and not in your business Our calculation tools allow for consolidated planning when spending on compliance so that you know where you are spending and where you could be saving.
User Friendly Training is provided for all of our products to ensure seamless understand. Online storage, local hosting as well as an inhouse developer, to ensure security on all of your documents and data. All of your products are bespoke to your needs so you can guarantee your outcomes.
Precision Our products deal with all the sector codes; this is because the products are created by people who know what they are doing and know about B-BBEE! Tools such as planners, calculators and managers to ensure precise and accurate results.
Our dedicated project manager ensures that all necessary planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and all projects are completed successfully.
Our In-House Developer ensures the products are always up to date and oversees all the development of the programs that you may need.
Our Support teams are always hard at work at making sure all of your questions are problems are solved quickly and efficiently.
The rest of our team keeps the gears running so that anything else you could need are at your fingertips with our products.
“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” - Henry Ford
BEE Manager
Audit Manager
EE Manager
Skills Manager
BEE Manager

Scenario Planner

Detailed reporting and allows for easy and quick scenario planning at any time
BEE Manager

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis to easily identify your best ROI within your B-BBEE program
BEE Manager

Precise Forcasting

Allows for precise forecasting on skills development within your organisation
BEE Manager

Unlimited Users

Allows for unlimited users to upload relevant data